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VSF Drives Community Development with Income-Generating Projects and Skill Acquisition Centers in Yobe State

In line with its mission to consolidate activities and foster community development, the Victims Support Fund (VSF) has embarked on a comprehensive project to construct and equip a rice processing center in Bumsa, Gulani LGA. This initiative aims to support the Women Savings and Loan Association (SLA) engaged in rice processing. Additionally, three other Women SLA groups involved in groundnut oil processing in Bularafa, Gulani LGA; Garin-Itache, Gujba LGA; and Kukar-Gadu, Fika LGA will benefit from the establishment of groundnut oil processing centers.

Recognizing the economic potential of these SLAs, community leaders have generously offered support by providing spaces to construct these processing centers in various locations. This collaborative effort underscores VSF’s dedication to fostering economic sustainability, supporting local businesses, and promoting self-reliance within the community.

Furthermore, as part of its commitment to community development and economic empowerment, VSF is collaborating with community leaders to enhance existing income-generating activities (IGAs) such as welding, carpentry, mechanics, tailoring, and barbing. This initiative aims to renovate and equip existing business workshops, providing additional tools and resources to empower individuals engaged in these ventures. Moreover, a skill acquisition center will be constructed in Kukar-Gadu, Fika LGA to consolidate VSF activities around its peacebuilding project.

This series of projects by the VSF demonstrates its ongoing commitment to community development, economic empowerment, and the promotion of self-sufficiency within local communities.

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