Victims Support Fund Organizes a Co-Creation Workshop to Develop a Risk Communication Manual

As part of the close-out events of the Victims Support Fund’s Task Force on Covid 19, a two-day co-creation workshop was organized to develop a Risk Communication Manual for journalists and communication experts. The workshop’s theme was “What Worked, What Needs to be Improved Upon!”.

Attending the event were communications industry stakeholders from the public and private sectors and the media. The objective of the technical workshop was to review the reportage of the outbreak by the press and the challenges faced, as well as discuss lessons learned.

The workshop provided a platform for participants to interact, brainstorm and share experiences from their respective organizations and personal views. At the end of the workshop, participants were able to develop a comprehensive outline for the Risk Communication Manual which will discuss practical solutions and emergency preparedness.

The Risk Communication Manual aims to serve as a national document to equip professionals with the necessary knowledge and tools to effectively report on pandemics and other emergencies. The manual will focus on topics such as risk perception, messaging, and strategies to address misinformation, as well as strategies to reach vulnerable populations. It will also provide guidance on best practices for reporting on emergencies and offer recommendations for effective communication.

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