Victims Support Fund (VSF) is donating starter-packs to trained out-of-school youth as part of its support to families of deceased District Heads under the Borno Emirate council. The Chairman of the VSF (Victims Support Fund), General TY Danjuma (rtd) GCON had earlier approved support for the restoration of livelihood for One hundred (100) families from Fourteen (14) local government areas in Borno State whose deceased District Heads were targets of deliberate assassination by insurgents.

The VSF identified sixty (60) out-of-school youth who were dependents of the deceased District Heads for training in their chosen vocational skills areas. Fifty-two (52) out of the Sixty (60) youths enrolled in diverse vocational skills training centres have successfully completed their training and qualified in their trade areas. The training of the out-of-school youth in vocational skills and the donation of starter kits is to ensure their employability and to support them towards setting up income-generating activities. The youth were trained in the following skills;

  1. Phone Repairs
  2. Carpentry
  3. Masonry
  4. Tailoring
  5. Shoe Making

The initial support to the families of the deceased District Heads included the provision of educational materials (school bags, sandals, textbooks, writing materials to 600 school-age children in primary 1 to Senior Secondary 3), and the provision of requisite inputs for income-generating activities (such as grinding machines, agro-inputs, sewing machines, among others) to One thousand (1000) household heads (female 400, male 600) including widows of the deceased.

The Victims Support Fund, under the Chairmanship of General TY Danjuma GCON, has ensured the judicious management of its resources mobilized to provide succour to victims of terrorism and insurgency in Nigeria since 2015. The VSF supports multi-thematic interventions that cover Infrastructural development; Women Economic Empowerment; Health Care, Education and Protection; Peacebuilding and Research.

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