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The Nigeria Foundation for the Support of Victims of Terrorism (Victims Support Fund) invites research proposals from interested research centres, institutes and organizations that are unique in nature, cost effective and scalable. The independent research is on the topic, “Dynamics and Responses of Violent Conflicts in Nigeria”

The goal of this study is to provide reliable literature on the changing dynamics of conflicts in the country, particularly North-central and North West, and in-depth and reliable data and information with the view to enhance proper understanding, informed programming by the VSF and further recommendations for policy intervention. The study will examine the activities of those perpetuating the violence and will unearth root causes of the protracted crisis especially with the incessant attacks, kidnapping and killings of commuters and residents. It will aim at gaining better understanding of the age long crisis, as well as, the new and emerging dimensions to the old crisis.


Specifically, the objectives of the research are to:

  1. Provide reliable literature on the changing dynamics of the emerging conflicts in the North Central and North West Regions.
  2. Bridge the gap of understanding of the various forms of conflicts.
  3. Study and unearth the root causes and dynamics of these protracted crises.
  4. Provide well informed data to guide the development of appropriate responses to support the victims of the crisis and policy-relevant recommendations.


The VSF, in line with its mission statement of being a foremost knowledge-driven and programme-based organisation, has seen the need to critically examine these conflicts with the goal of gaining comprehensive knowledge of the conflicts necessary to programming interventions that are evidence-based.

Expected outcome: upon completion, the research should have captured the following:

  • Historic data
  • Patterns, dynamics and trends
  • Actors and perpetrators
  • Local and foreign dimension
  • The role and responses of state and non-state actors, perpetrators rationalization, victims, external (local) and foreign respondents.
  • Relationship between technology, crime, terrorism and violence
  • The conflicts danger dimensions
  • The effect of media, especially social media in conflict situations
  • Civil-military relationship


Proposal Format:

  1. Title page, applicant contact information and/or institution
  2. Summary page
  3. Research goals and objectives
  4. Methodology:
  • Importance of the study
  • How the study will be carried out
  • Exact deliverables and timelines
  • Expected Data and Application of the research Output
  1. Budget line (Guideline will be available on VSFs website victimsupportfundng.com)
  2. Additional information:
  • Technical references
  • Other research studies done
  • Letter of interest
  • Curriculum vitae of the organizations research team members
  • Academic authority approval (only for research centres affiliated with academic institutions)
  1. Font size 12, Times New Roman
  2. Proposal should not exceed 5 pages. (CVs to come as attachment)

Review Process:

Each proposal will be reviewed by a technical team of research professionals. The review will be based on merit with specific reference to the technical expertise, experience and content of the proposal

Only selected Research Centres and Institutions will be contacted.

Agreement: Once a proposal is selected, the research centre or institute will be required to sign a contract defining the details of the research activities and outputs, as well as, the financial and activity reporting processes.

Deadline of submission: Friday the 17th of January, 2020 (4:00pm GMT +1)

Email proposals to research@victimssupportfund.org

For any questions, please contact the victims support fund on +234-706-514-1938, ext. 107

 Budget guideline_research

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