In Benue State, the Victims Support Fund (VSF) is supporting the welfare of vulnerable people and victims of terrorism and insurgency. The project will be carried out in 7 Local Government Areas spread over several host communities and IDP camps in Benue State. It focuses on areas most exposed to crisis and economic hardship.

The first phase of the program saw the distribution of food items and relief materials to several beneficiaries in Ukpute community Oju, Konshisha, Igumale community secretariat Ado, Naka IDP Camp, Kwande, Logo, Gbajimba IDP camp, and Guma LGAs of Benue State.

A total of 1000 households per location will benefit from this intervention on a monthly basis. Beneficiaries will receive the following: Rice, Beans, Soya Beans, Garri, Maize, Salt, Vegetable and Palm oil, Seasoning Cubes – Maggi, Sugar and reusable sanitary towel for 6000 women and girls.

The VSF is partnering with the Benue State Emergency Management Agency and various Civil Society Organizations in Benue State to effectively distribute and ensure the success of this intervention.

Launched in April 2022, the Benue State Emergency Support Program is to run through to September 2022. The programs seeks to provide access to learning for 900 school age children in primary and secondary schools, provide 500 tents for adequate shelters for the IDPs, support the return to businesses for 6000 Heads of Households, Re-stock drugs and other medical consumables for IDPs in 3 Primary Health Clinics adjoining the camps, rehabilitate the Naka water works for  reticulation of portable water for drinking and for domestic use in IDP settlements and host communities, deploy Mental Health and Psycho-Social Support Services in selected IDP camps, set the background for Peacebuilding and reconciliation through community dialogues and also provide food items and condiments, on a monthly basis for 6 months.

The program hopes that these investments can be profitable and can significantly improve the well-being of the beneficiaries which aligns with VSF’s mission.

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