Victims Support Fund (VSF) provide Emergency Support to Benue State

Benue State is currently experiencing an intense humanitarian situation arising from the sustained farmer herder upheaval resulting in the awful rise in the number of victims and Internally Displace persons.
The Chairman of the Victims Support Fund (VSF), General TY Danjuma (rtd) GCON, in continuing the implementation of VSF mission, which is to support the indigent victims of terrorism and insurgency has approved support for the Victims of terrorism in Benue state.
The interventions will facilitate access to learning for 900 school age children in primary and secondary schools and also pay stipends to 24 volunteer teachers in the IDP camps; provide 500 tents for adequate shelters for the IDPs in view of the rainy season; support the return to businesses for 6000 Heads of Households; Re-stock drugs and other medical consumables for IDPs in 3 Primary Health Clinics adjoining the camps; rehabilitate the Naka water works for reticulation of portable water for drinking and for domestic use in IDP settlements and host communities; deploy Mental Health and Psycho-Social Support Services in selected IDP camps; set the background for Peacebuilding and reconciliation through community dialogues and also provide food items and condiments, on a monthly basis for 6 months, required to meet basic nutritional needs of IDP families for at least 4 weeks.in zone C.
We are kickstarting at Ortese IDP Camp, Guma Local Government area with food distribution to 1000 households per location. Other project sites are Oju and Ado LGA,S in Zone A, Gwer west in zone B, and Logo and Kinshisha in Zone C.
Each household is getting 5KG of Rice, 5kg of Garri, 1ltr of vegetable oil,1ltr of palm oil,1kg of salt, 1kg of maggi, 1kg sugar and reusable sanitary pads to 6000women and girls.

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Abdullateef Tanko

May 29, 2022

Looking forward to working partnership