Vision: A Nigeria in which the dignity and wellbeing of victims of terrorism and insurgency are restored and their future assured.

Mission: To be the foremost knowledge-driven and programme based organization mobilizing sustainable funding and building partnerships for the support and transformation of victims of terrorism and insurgency in Nigeria.

The Nigeria Foundation for the Support of Victims of Terrorism (Victims Support Fund), has as its mandate the mobilization of funds and the development and implementation of appropriate programme interventions to support the victims of terrorism and insurgency. In continuation of the execution of its mandate, VSF is organising its first Stakeholders Forum in Adamawa State with the theme Building Effective Synergy for Ownership and Sustainability.

The VSF Stakeholders Forum will assess the past performance of its project implementation. The Forum will serve as a platform for assessing VSF programme delivery and collaboration with partners in the North East. Participants shall be VSF Beneficiaries, VSF Civil Society partners, Traditional and Community Leaders, nominees from targeted Local Government Areas in Borno, Adamawa and Yobe   representatives from Government relevant line ministries and agencies, VSF Committee members and management and staff.

The 2017 Stakeholders Forum will consider definite means in which collaboration between state and non – state actors will drive the delivery of its 2017 programmes and achieving results.  The forum will adopt measures for adequate information sharing, awareness raising and active participation in subsequent VSF interventions as well as ensuring that project beneficiaries are appropriately reached irrespective of political, religious and gender inclinations.  and deliverables by the stakeholders (including CSO implementing partners) and an absence of a framework that has been jointly developed with inputs from stakeholders. This gathering will develop indicators for tracking outcomes of projects as well build feedback mechanism for all VSF interventions at the community level using a unified logical framework.

The main objectives of the Forum are:

  • To assess the knowledge of stakeholders on VSF Strategic Areas of Support and assess the effectiveness of VSF interventions;
  • To develop strategies and activities for addressing any identified gaps and correct inefficiencies in VSF project/programme implementation;
  • To provide a platform for bringing together stakeholders (Government, Civil Societies, Traditional and Religious institutions and others) to assess their roles, the strategy for engagement in the implementation of VSF interventions to ensure ownership and sustainability of VSF Projects.
  • To identify key enablers that might be needed to accelerate effective and efficient delivery of services to targeted beneficiaries.
  • To develop indicators for tracking outcomes of projects as well build feedback mechanisms for all VSF interventions at the community level.


It is expected that at the end of the Forum, a common understanding of the level of responsibility for each actor and community member with regards to specific interventions would be achieved and information sharing/feedback mechanisms in communities determined and developed. This will not only engender increased appreciation and ownership of VSF rational and intervention by Stakeholders, but also foster sustainability and success.


Victims Support Fund; Rebuilding Lives, Restoring Hope…


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